KMG Japan Ltd.  (hereinafter referred as “the Company”) is committed to managing and protecting personal information through compliance with Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Informationand Guidelines Pertaining to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Handling of Personal Information

1) Information Gathering
The Company shall obtain personal information in a fair and appropriate manner.

2) Outsourcing Management
The Company may outsource part of its operations pertaining to personal information to supplier companies. The Company selects only those suppliers who meet or exceed the Company’s standard of personal information protection and who specify their commitment in writing. The Company also demands of its suppliers appropriate handling of personal information and supervises and evaluates them to safeguard operations.

3) Provision to Third Party
The Company shall not, in principle, disclose and/or provide personal information to any third parties. If any such disclosure and/or provision of personal information should be conducted, it must be done appropriately and in compliance with relevant laws.

4) Shared Usage
The Company may share personal information on occasions such as seminars conducted jointly with an affiliate company(s) and/or with other company(s) in a business relationship with the Company. The Company shall make sure that all participating companies take strict security measures.

5) Disclosure and Inquiries
Any request or inquiry as to where and how to retrieve or to be advised of personal information which the Company has directly obtained can be addressed to the contact person to whom the relevant personal information was originally given.

2Compliance with the Law

The Company shall strictly abide by any and all applicable laws and regulations, contracts and other policies pertaining to protection of personal information.