KMG Japan provides healthcare companies with the strategic advice they need to make the right decisions on how to most effectively enter the Japanese market. The Japanese healthcare market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world.  It is huge and it is expected to continue to expand, especially with the rapid aging of the Japanese population. In the pharmaceutical arena, Japan is the second largest single market in the world, topped only by that of the US.

Successful entry into the Japanese healthcare market is achieved through the creation and execution of informed market entry strategies. KMG Japan knows that recognizing and understanding the current structure as well as the changes occurring in Japan’s governmental, social, and economic systems is the first step to success.

The second step is to use that knowledge to create the most effective market entry strategy.

The five basic choices available to the foreign healthcare company seeking to expand its market to Japan: 

  • Technology transfer (licensing)
  • Use of an agent or distributor
  • Establishment of a branch office
  • Joint venture
  • Creation of wholly-owned subsidiary

KMG Japan provides the following services to companies wishing to develop strategies to enter the Japanese healthcare market:

  • Industry briefings
  • Contract development
  • Implementation of technology transfers
  • Analysis of competitive companies/products
  • Advice on accelerating the commercialization process
  • Briefings on the clinical and preclinical organizations structure in Japan