The trend towards greater strategic alliances and related cooperative efforts among foreign and Japanese healthcare companies has been intensified over the past years.  Japanese companies are seeking to expand their market in Japan and are constantly seeking new opportunities to participate in collaborative research and development to bring in new products.

For companies attempting to enter the Japanese marketplace, KMG Japan provides introduction to appropriate Japanese companies. Since 1988 KMG Japan has been engaged in structuring successful corporate alliances between foreign and Japanese healthcare companies.

Whatever form the alliance takes, the key issue to success in the Japanese market is to get allied with the best possible partner. KMG Japan provides professional assistance to attain this mission, and our major roles are found at this crucial stage of requirement.

Our approach to finding the best Japanese partners for clients is to follow a series of well-defined, time-tested steps that ensure both expedient market entry and long-term success.

KMG Japan provides the following services to companies wishing to develop strategies to enter the Japanese healthcare market:

  • “Insider” knowledge on market conditions, industry analysis and partner research.
  • Screening and evaluation of potential Japanese partners.
  • Evaluation of financing options and developing a range of strategies.
  • Structuring and coordinating meetings for clients with potential Japanese partners.
  • Assistance with negotiation utilizing bilingual capability and cross-cultural business expertise.
  • Provision of continuous representation post-agreement to monitor operations and ensure smooth communications between the alliance parties.